First taste of real world software development

Few weeks back, our Database Systems lecturer, Dr. Shehan, asked for a couple of volunteers to work on developing a volunteer management system. Me being the adventurous programming enthusiast that I am, volunteered at once. Along with me, Yasiru, Amitha, Dinusha, Kasun, Riyafa, Chathura and Lasantha also volunteered. The project was actually a project done by a student of the senior batch (Ridwan) as a part of his Software Engineering course module in the 5th semester. He had wanted to move on from the project and therefore, is handing over the project to us.

The project is to implement a volunteer management system for the newly instated National Volunteering Secretariat (NVS). This is an initiative of the Ministry of Social Services and the United Nations Volunteers (UNV). UNV is handling the project on behalf of the NVS and we had our first meeting with the UNV project team last Monday. This was our first proper meeting with a client and I must say, it was may more interesting than they make it sound in lectures on requirements gathering 😛

The meeting was mainly to introduce us Continue reading