Clustering WSO2 Governance Registry 5.1.0


Recently, I created a Governance Registry cluster on EC2 using Nginx as a load balancer. The cluster created was a 3 node cluster, fronted with Nginx. The initial plan was to create a cluster with 2 Nginx load balancers, one each for the Store components and the Publisher components, as given below.


Originally proposed deployment pattern

As the first step in creating the cluster, I was advised to create a cluster (same deployment pattern as above) of just one G-Reg node. Although I successfully managed to deploy the cluster, there was a major issue in it. The scenario for the G-Reg cluster I was creating was that the artifacts would be deployed by the publishers and as such, the Publisher context should only be accessible by publishers (typically in a company). The artifacts would be consumed by users and they would access these artifacts through the Store. 

Now in the cluster I created, the issue was that  if a user signs in to the Store, he/she would also be able to access the Publisher and vice versa. This is problematic since only the publishers (i.e: the company) should be able to publish artifacts. This is because G-Reg has the Single Sign On (SSO) feature enabled by default. When SSO is used, a user signed into one system can access other, connected systems without the need to sign in again at those particular systems. More on SSO can be found here.

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