So we are just about to take part in a hackathon organized by Koding and my friend asked me to look up this PHP framework called laravel because it might come in handy for the project idea we have in mind.

The supporting documentation for it is overwhelmingly for linux. So had to do some searching in order to figure out how to configure it on windows. I initially followed the instructions given in the official documentation. In it, the first step – installing composer – didn’t give me any issues. You just simply have to run the setup and that is it.

However, the second step – installing laravel – gave me some issues. I was trying to follow the install via installer option of installing laravel. Although the installer Continue reading


So last Tuesday marked the end of the Video Production module which we took as a humanities elective for the third semester. The end goal of the module was to produce a 20 min documentary on a subject matter we chose initially. For this, we learnt of the thinking process that goes behind the making of documentaries and movies in general as well as techniques used when shooting the documentary.

However this post is not about the module nor the documentary we made (which is still work in progress 😛 ), but about something our lecturer, Mr. Ravin drew our attention to. The Tuesday before last, we had our edits of the documentaries critiqued by Ms. Anoma Rajakaruna, a distinguished documentary maker. An interesting outcome of the critique was that the documentary which had the highest production quality and which was near completion (none of the other 3 were at least half done) was criticized for being a TV programme and not a documentary. Continue reading