Sinhala in Windows 10

I am usually pretty skeptic about Microsoft’s upgrades to its Windows OS. I’ve been using Windows 7 in my laptop ever since I bought it about over a year back. Windows 8 nor 8.1 appeal to me at all! However, this time, with all the hype for Windows 10, I was curious to try it out.

After obtaining a copy few days back, I was still hesitant to install it, mainly because I didn’t wanna go through the pain of having to comb through the internet for drivers and workarounds for softwares I used to use on Windows 7 (the memories from the switch to Vista from XP was haunting me 😛 ).  After asking around a few who had already installed it, and after checking it on VMWare, I finally decided to give it a go.

The installation process was pretty smooth, though I expected it might be troublesome. I used a bootable USB to install a clean copy of Windows 10. For creating the bootable USB, I used the tool given by Microsoft for creating Windows 7 bootable USBs. I decided on this because my laptop is dual boot and when installing Ubuntu Gnome on it before, I ran in to trouble with UEFI vs. BIOS. The bootable Ubuntu USB given by my friend was a UEFI installer and it caused a boot-loader nightmare when installed along Windows 7 (which was BIOS based). So in order to avoid facing those problems again, I used the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool. It allowed me to create a BIOS based bootable Windows 10 USB.

Happily for me, the software I used on Windows 7 runs without problem in Windows 10 as well (well, at least so far! 😛 ). However there was a minor annoyance in Windows 10, in my short experience with the OS. It does not seem to support any other language pack, other than the pack you selected initially, when starting the installation. I found this out when trying to browse websites containing Sinhala text; the pages simply didn’t render the text. To fix this, go to the language settings of the control panel and download the Sinhala language pack. If you were already using any browsers etc. restart them to let the changes take effect.



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